Machon Alte offers an exciting, innovative approach to discovering the spark of
G-dliness in life.  Differences of intelligence, achievement and virtue, pale to insignificance before the quintessential worth of a Jewish woman as a living expression of the Divine.  Through the basic courses offered and by delving into the inner mystical dimensions of Torah, our students begin to appreciate the infinite value of a "Jewishly sparked" life.



Give yourself the refreshing gift of learning Torah in the ancient, mystical city of Safed and participate in our wide range of challenging courses.



·      Torah and Prophets (Tanach): Structured analysis of original texts, with emphasis on skill building with traditional commentaries.



·      Jewish Law (Halacha):  Theoretical, ethical, and practical details of Jewish Dietary laws (Kashrut), Shabbat, Festivals, and contemporary problems.



·      Talmud: Examination of a wide range of rabbinic writings and commentaries with emphasis on developing skills of  independent study, interpretation, and intensive research.



·       Chassidic Thought: Philosophical, spiritual, and ethical dimensions of classical Chassidic thought.  Comparative analysis with other branches of Jewish philosophy.



·      Tanya: The inner working of the Jewish soul.  In depth study and analysis of the psychology of our relationship with G-d.



·      Ethics of our Fathers:  Character building and refinement.  "Getting to know the real you."



·       History: Outline of Jewish History from the period prior to the giving of the Torah until modern times.  Independent study and intensive research.



·       Jewish Philosophy: The dignity of the Jewish women, Israeli Politics, Modern Medicine, and Psychology in comparison with Jewish Ethics.



·      Jewish Meditation and Prayer (Tefilla): Detailed analysis of liturgical text, encompassing historical, communal, and ethical ramifications.



·       Ulpan: Extensive study of the Hebrew language and grammar.  Systematic approach to comprehending classical and modern texts as well as conversational Hebrew.



·       Defining the Modern Jewish Woman′s Role:  Through the core courses studied, our students learn how to develop their role as a contemporary Jewish Woman.  Included in this, our students are furnished with practical and decorative hands on experience with the planning of a Kosher Kitchen and Shabbat and holiday entertaining plus organizational skills for the efficient running of a Jewish Home for the professional woman.






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