Light up your G-dly spark...  Make lasting friends... Delve into the depths of the Torah...


Are you ready?


Which program is for you?


Read on to find out!


Machon Alte has 3 different tracks each with a different flair to accommodate the varying needs of the individual and their busy lifestyle.


Summer Program: (Coming up!) Take advantage of your summer break and bask in the rays of the Torah during our 2 month program with world renowned scholars in residence and a hand- picked, expert team of teachers. This program is geared for the girl looking to strengthen her link in the chain of our Jewish heritage, deepen her understanding and knowledge in a wide array of core Jewish subjects and make special and lasting relationships.   


Full Year Program:  The full year program, often one’s gap year, is the most precious gift you can give yourself. In this program, each girl will not only learn a wide array of Jewish subjects but she will understand what it means to be a Jew in every aspect; from the inner meaning of the first words uttered out of a Jew’s mouth each morning, Modei Ani, to the halachos of the Yomim Tovim including Jewish daily life and life cycle and everything in between. Reawakened, she will feel what it's like to get in touch with the G-dly spark inside of her, her soul. After the year program, each girl will walk away with a toolbox full of indispensable tools ready to use at any and every turn on her journey called life;  Torah knowledge, emotional maturity, amazing friends and connections and a spiritual awakening to last a lifetime.


Winter Program:  Warm up to the the flames of Torah in our focused, intensive 3-week program perfect for the girl on college winter break or anyone who wants to taste the sweetness of their Jewish heritage. This program is perfect for both the beginner as well as the advanced learner. Our 2 track learning module can accommodate everyone!  

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