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Machon Alte Mission: Fulfilling the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s ‘3 Loves.’

In January of 1951, a quarter of a century before the founding of Machon Alte, the Lubavitcher Rebbe in his acceptance statement to chassidim upon becoming the 7th Lubavitcher Rebbe, revealed how to transform the world.  
He said: “There are three loves -- love of G-d, love of Torah and love of one's fellow – and they are one.  One cannot differentiate between them, for they are of a single essence... and since they are of a single essence, each one embodies all three.”  The Rebbe went on to explain that: "Each one embodies all three," means that unless all three are present, neither of them is complete.
For the next six decades, his words became the marching orders for Chabad institutions the world over, personifying as well the mission of Machon Alte.  
Through caring for and educating thousands of young Jewish women in the ways of Torah, the understanding of G-d, and the importance of taking responsibility for and loving one’s fellow, Machon Alte since 1977 has done its part to deliver on the Rebbe’s vision of a world pervaded by the ‘three loves.” 
Drawn from all corners of the world, from secular moshavim and kibbutzim to the cosmopolitan cities of Israel, and from all over the global map, backpackers from India, daughters of the intermarried, converts, lawyers, artists, business people and doctors, soul-seekers and the educationally  bereft, have convened within the confines of our institution to nourish their souls and find their way home to Torah, G-d and love of their fellow Jew. 
Patiently and persistently, the dedicated Machon Alte staff has worked with and continues to devote itself to each student individually to accomplish the goal, striving to nurture all to the point of full potential as vibrant and productive modern Jewish women, inculcated with the Rebbe’s three loves.
It is not beyond our scope also to become involved in helping students accomplish the details of their most treasured goals within that framework. Through teaching, we provide a most solid educational and philosophical foundation, but we also help bring to fruition the concepts and ideas by assisting with marriage introductions, nuptial arrangements and through aiding further in the building of Jewish homes and raising Jewish children.  
In Tzfat alone, more than two hundred mothers, including many who went on to become Chabad emissaries, are graduates of our venerated program, helping to illuminate the darkness with the Rebbe’s three-fold formula, along with their counterparts in the roles of matriarchs of households and Chabad leadership figures scattered around the world.    
We remain steadfast and continue to grow in fulfilling the over-arching mission and campaign set in motion by the Rebbe and the Chabad Rebbeim before him. We remain cherished and effective contributors to the overall goal, as the Rebbe once acknowledged by saying the students of Machon Alte bring closer the ultimate redemption of Moshiach Tzidkeinu. May we see him speedily in our days! 



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