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Life at Machon Alte

On a firmly founded spiritual, rigorous and enlightening academic experience, the trademark personal experience for students at Machon Alte is characterized by bonding, personal growth, reflection, insight, the development of a brighter outlook  on life and last but not least – joy. Students describe a typical day at Machon Alte as a combination of physically exhilarating,  emotionally uplifting and spiritually and intellectually stimulating. Students leave not only with a deepened level of Judaism, but also ever-lasting relationships with fellow students and faculty.  The institution strives to provide a memorable material experience too, with double occupancy living accommodations complete with in-suite showers, and an intimate atmosphere of comfortable classrooms, dining hall, tree-filled courtyard and other quiet spaces. Just outside the confines of the venerated campus , whether  on the way to a hike, shopping or sight-seeing excursion, the ancient city of Tzfat greets students as a worthy extension of the Machon Alte experience.


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