About Us

Machon Alte Seminary offers a challenging full time academic program for young Jewish women seeking to discover their Jewish roots, with an innovative approach to discovering the spark of G-dliness in life.  Over the past three decades, close to 5,000 young Jewish women have passed through our doors.  They have come from all over the world and all walks of life.

With its unique curriculum, Machon Alte offers deep insights into the mystical teachings of Torah, together with in depth study and analysis of the psychology of our relationship with
G-d, which serves to provide answers to many deeply buried questions.

Included in the core courses offered are Talmud, Torah and Prophets, Jewish Meditation and Prayer, The Role of the Contemporary Jewish Woman, Jewish Philosophy and Hebrew Ulpan. Classes are offered at beginners and advanced levels.  Private tutoring is available to enable each student to reach her maximum potential academically. Developing skills in reading Hebrew texts is strongly encouraged according to individual ability and level.
Machon Alte is renowned for the warm and caring atmosphere which develops among the students although they come from many diverse backgrounds and from many different countries. Personal interactions with our dedicated faculty provide constant support and guidance. Individual mentoring is available to advance each student through her own personal growth process.

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